Solomon Islands (RAMSI) (Peacekeeping, 22 April 2003 to 30 September 2013)

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About This Campaign

Australia had been involved in the Solomon Island from 2000. Between 2000 to 2002, Australia led unarmed International Peace Monitoring Teams (IPMTs), which were responsible for supervising "the surrender of weapons, regular inspection of the stored weapons, confidence-building within affected Solomon Islands communities, and reporting to the Peace Monitoring Council." These teams were seen as a neutral international presence and resulted from a regional agreement including Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Cook Islands and Vanuatu, Townsville Peace Agreement signed in October 2000. The team finished their deployment on 25 June 2002.

However in April 2003, the prime minister of the Solomon Islands requested Australian assistance with increasing tensions, disintegrating order and economic collapse. The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) was formed to provide support and, after being endorsed by the Solomon Islands Parliament and the Pacific Islands Forum, the mission was deployed in July, 2003.  The official 'Cease Order' was 30 September 2013, ending Australia s military commitment in the Solomon Islands.