Operation Claret - Sarawak 1964-6 (Malaysia / Indonesia Confrontation, 1 July 1964 to 1 July 1966)

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About This Campaign

Operation Claret - Sarawak 1964-6

Operation Claret was a series of highly classified cross-border raids by British and Commonwealth forces from Sarawak into Kalimantan in order to counter similar incursions by the Indonesians during 'Konfrontasi' - confrontation between Indonesia and the newly formed country of Malaysia which was supported by British Commonwealth forces.  The Operation Claret raids were subject to high levels of security which was not compromised for 30 years.

Australian involvement was largely through the 3rd and 4th Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment, and the 2nd Special Air Service Regiment.

The major engagement of the campaign is outlined below.

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The Battle of Sungei Koemba (27 May – 12 June 1965) took place during the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation (en.wikipedia.org). Involving Australian and Indonesian troops, the battle consisted of a series of ambushes launched by the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (en.wikipedia.org) (3 RAR), along the Sungei Koemba river in Kalimantan (en.wikipedia.org) (Indonesian Borneo). The ambushes were part of the wider Operation Claret (en.wikipedia.org) which involved cross-border operations by British-Commonwealth units from bases in Sarawak (en.wikipedia.org), penetrating up to 10,000 yards (9,100 m) into Indonesian territory with the aim of disrupting the movement and resupply of Indonesian forces (en.wikipedia.org) and to keep them off balance.

The first ambush (en.wikipedia.org) was conducted by two platoons (en.wikipedia.org) from B Company on 27 May 1965 and resulted in significant Indonesian casualties, for no loss to the Australians. The second ambush was conducted a fortnight later and was set a little further downstream from the last one, this time by a platoon from C Company, occurring on 12 June 1965 and again resulting in heavy Indonesian casualties for no loss to the Australians.




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GILHAM, Arthur Reginald

Service number 1950005
Born 23 Oct 1925

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CARROLL, Ronald Thomas

Service number 14208
3rd Battalion
The Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR)
Australian Army (Post WW2)
Born 17 Dec 1936

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AYLES, Jeffrey Edward

Service number 42886
Warrant Officer Class 2
Australian Force Vietnam (Army Component)
Australian Army (Post WW2)
Born 23 Aug 1940

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