2nd Passchendaele (World War 1, 26 October 1917 to 10 November 1917)

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About This Campaign

 The Second Battle of Passchendaele was the culminating attack during the Third Battle of Ypres of the First World War. The battle took place in the Ypres Salient area of the Western Front, in and around the Belgian town of Passchendaele, between 26 October and 10 November 1917. The Canadian Corps relieved the exhausted II Anzac Corps, continuing the advance started with the First Battle of Passchendaele and ultimately capturing Passchendaele village. Beyond gaining favourable observation positions, the battle was intended to gain drier winter positions on higher ground.

The assault position was directly south of the inter-army boundary between the British Fifth and Second Armies. As a result, the Canadian Corps was to attack with support of formations from the British Fifth Army to the north and the I Anzac Corpsand X Corps to the south. The offensive was executed in a series of attacks each with limited objectives, delivered at intervals of three or more days. The execution dates of the phases were tentatively given as 26 October, 30 October and 6 November with a final smaller action on 10 November. To permit time to facilitate inter-divisional relief, there was a planned seven day pause between the second and third stages during which time the Second Army was ordered to take over the section of the Fifth Army front adjoining the Canadian Corps, so that the central portion of the assault could proceed under a single command.

The attack was successful in capturing the German-held high ground along the Passchendaele–Westrozebeke ridge but the campaign was forced to end just short of Westrozebeke. No further attempt was made to build on the momentum of the attack. The significant victory of the Austro-German forces against the Italian Army at the Battle of Caporetto and the forthcoming Battle of Cambrai forced the British into a parallel diversion of resources away from the sector and make an end to offensive actions in the Ypres Salient.


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MAWSON, Frederick William

Service number 3073
Lance Corporal
5th Field Company Engineers
Born Jan 1893

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EVERDING, Christopher

Service number 5331
25th Infantry Battalion
Born 25 Dec 1885

Thumb 1aa
HOOD, Alexander

Service number 3607
1st Tunnelling Company (inc. 4th Tunnelling Company)
Born 1874

Thumb 1bb
KEMP, Harold Charles

Service number 6459
26th Infantry Battalion
Born 10 Oct 1895

Thumb wilson
WILSON, George Thomas

Service number 5716
23rd Infantry Battalion
Born 1 Aug 1883

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LINDHE, Norman Frederick

Service number 2199
6th Infantry Battalion
Born 1896

Thumb bird cl 2521
BIRD, Clarence Leslie

Service number 2521
34th Infantry Battalion
Born 10 Oct 1898

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ROBINSON, George Collis

Service number 474
Lance Corporal
25th Machine Gun Company
Born 20 Aug 1896

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