UNTAC - United Nations Transitional Authority Cambodia (Peacekeeping, 1 May 1992 to 1 November 1993)

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About This Campaign

Following on from UNAMIC, UNTAC was established from the beginning of May 1992 with a mandate relating to "human rights, the organization and conduct of free and fair general elections, military arrangements, civil administration, the maintenance of law and order, the repatriation and resettlement of the Cambodian refugees and displaced persons and the rehabilitation of essential Cambodian infrastructure during the transitional period." (UN - UNTAC Mandate). On 15 May 1992, UNTAC absorbed UNAMIC and continued for the next 16 months until a new government was formed with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia. 

Of the 22,000 personnel supplied from 32 countries, Australia contributed a commander, Lieutenant General John Sanderson, a 488-strong Force communications unit in the first contingent and RAN and RAAF personnel in the second contingent. This committment was strengthened during the general elections to include another 115 troops and six Blackhawk helicopters.

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