Enlistment/Embarkation WW2 (World War 2, 3 September 1939 to 2 September 1945)

About This Campaign

World War 2 did not break out unheralded.  The resurgence of Germany under Hitler had begun in earnest in 1933, and then in rapid succession its territorial ambitions in Alsace-Lorraine (French border) "Sudetenland" in Czechoslovakia and the Munich Crisis became precursors to the invasion of Poland which was the trigger for the British declaration of War,  followed immediately by Australia and the rest of the Commonwealth, bringing them into global conflict for the second time in just 25 years.

Australia, and the rest of the Western World, was not well prepared for War.  Its military forces had been run down and everyone seemed to have hoped if not believed that war might be averted.

WIth war in Europe declared, attention was turned to raising the forces required. Some had a weather eye on Japan, an Ally in the First World War, but now it had been engaged in an imperialist conflict of its creation in Manchurai and China since 1936, and had entered into an Alliance with Germany and Italy, becoming the so-called  Axis Powers.

It was going to be a long hard war.



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ELLIS, Murray Charles

Service number 407360
Flight Sergeant
No. 1 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 20 Jan 1917

Thumb normal kenny  daniel   442551 flying officer
KENNY, Daniel Patrick

Service number 442551
Flying Officer
No. 77 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 1 Aug 1925

Thumb rouse
ROUSE, Maxwell Hainsworth

Service number SX9707
8th Division Salvage Unit
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 2 Jan 1913

Thumb adams
ADAMS, William James

Service number SX5457
2nd/3rd Machine Gun Battalion
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 27 Aug 1906

Thumb normal giddings 5
GIDDINGS, Bryan Wilba

Service number 416949
Pilot Officer
No. 97 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 19 Mar 1915

Thumb normal blackb2
BLACKBURN, Arthur Seaforth

Service number SX6962
Java Task Force
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 25 Nov 1892

Thumb whitehead horace leslie hilton   d 2 11 1979 auburn genl cem  headstone plaque
WHITEHEAD, Horace Leslie Hilton

Service number SX206...
Born 31 May 1913

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Service number 417817
Flying Officer
No. 57 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 23 Nov 1913