RAN Operations - Korea (Korean War, 25 June 1950 to 27 July 1953)

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The RAN in Korea - 1950-53

When the Korean war broke out, a number of RAN ships based in Japan were immediately deployed. Australia had two readily deployable RAN vessels, HMAS Shoalhaven and HMAS Bataan and both were committed.  They deployed on 1 July 1950 as escorts to US troopships heading for Pusan.

The Royal Australian Navy deployed nine ships during the Korean War, comprising the aircraft carrier Sydney, the destroyers Bataan, Warramunga, Anzac and Tobruk, and the 'River' -class frigates Murchison, Shoalhaven, Condamine and Culgoa.

HMAS Sydney, the RAN's fleet aircraft carrier, arrived in Korean waters in early October 1951 and began operations immediately. On board the carrier were three squadrons of the RAN Fleet Air Arm, Nos 805 and 808 squadrons, flying Hawker Sea Fury fighters, and No. 817 Squadron, operating Fairey Firefly patrol and strike aircraft.

HMAS Sydney undertook numerous patrols in Korean waters during its deployment and its aircraft flew over 2,000 sorties, in a combination of ground attacks, artillery spotting, and bomber escort missions. It sustained the loss of three aircrew and a total of 13 aircraft, several of which were lost as a result of storm damage during Typhoon Ruth.  The Sydney returned to Australia in January 1952.

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PARKER, Mervyn Reginald

Service number 28017
Able Seaman
HMAS Bataan
Royal Australian Navy
Born 30 Oct 1926

SINCLAIR, Richard Roslyn

Service number A35582
Sub Lieutenant
No. 805 Squadron (RAN)
Royal Australian Navy
Born 14 May 1929

COLEMAN, Ronald James

Service number NAVAL...
Sub Lieutenant
Born 6 Apr 1929

CLARKSON, Keith Ellwood

Service number 408969
No. 805 Squadron (RAN)
Royal Australian Navy
Born 27 Aug 1922

BRACEGIRDLE, Warwick Seymour

Service number N/A
HMAS Bataan
Royal Australian Navy
Born 22 Dec 1911

CRASKE, Jeffrey Raymond

Service number 36684
Able Seaman
HMAS Sydney (III)
Royal Australian Navy
Born 30 Aug 1929