RAN Operations - 'SW Pacific / Indian Ocean 1941-43' (World War 2, 7 December 1941 to 31 December 1943)

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About This Campaign

RAN operations in the Pacific spanned a range of 'campaigns'; the others are listed below.

Malaya Singapore 1941

With the entry of Japan into the pacific War following the attack on Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941, RAN units based in Singapore found themslves in action early on, following the Japanese amphibious landings at Kota Baru on Malay's north east coast that took place concurrently with Pearl Harbour.

Things went from bad to worse very quickly, following the calamitous loss of the two Royal Navy Capital ships HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse to Japanese air attack off the east coast of Malaya on 10 December 1941.


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 "HMAS Sydney Nov 1941"

"Fall of Singapore"

"Battles of Java Sea and Sunda Strait"

"Coral Sea 1942",

"Savo Island 1942",

"Guadalcanal 1942",

"New Guinea 1942–44",





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MORAN, William Thomas Alldis

Service number OFFICER
HMAS Vampire I
Royal Australian Navy
Born 11 Dec 1903

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ROLLEY, Earnest David

Service number B2654
HMAS Sydney (II) - D48 WW2
Royal Australian Navy
Born 19 Aug 1920

Thumb normal 1a
GYSS, Louis Anton

Service number 22598
Petty Officer Stoker
HMAS Vampire I
Royal Australian Navy
Born 7 Jul 1920

Thumb normal normal image  1
BURNS, Albert Bateman

Service number PA2465
HMAS Cerberus (Shore)
Royal Australian Navy
Born 24 Aug 1923

Thumb capture
EVANS, Arthur Reginald

Service number NX57823
2nd/1st Independent Company / 'M' Special Unit / Coastwatchers
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 14 May 1905

Thumb 1
ROWLING, George Austin Thomas

Service number 16976
Leading Seaman
HMAS Perth (I) D29 WW2
Royal Australian Navy
Born 7 Oct 1907

Thumb 1a
MEDLEN, Lindsay James

Service number PA1908
Sick Berth Attendant
HMAS Sydney (II) - D48 WW2
Royal Australian Navy
Born 20 Feb 1922

Thumb 1a
BARKER, Benjamin Joseph Herbert

Service number 24163
Able Seaman
HMAS Sydney (II) - D48 WW2
Royal Australian Navy
Born 7 Apr 1920