RAN Operations SW Pacific 1944-45 - "Lleyte 1944 / Lingayen Gulf 1945" (World War 2, 20 October 1944 to 9 January 1945)

About This Campaign

After landing at Lingayen Gulf on the largest of the Philippine islands, Luzon, at the end of 1941, the Japanese had succeeded in forcing an Allied surrender by April of 1942. Two years later, the United States turned its attention again to the Philippines with the aim of retaking the territory from the Japanese occupying force.1 As the Allied fleet closed on the Philippines in late 1944 early 1945 a number of major engagements unfolded.

Australia contributed a significant naval force to this effort, including Tribal Class destroyer Arunta, County Class heavy cruisers Australia (II) and Shropshire, River Class frigate Gascoyne, Armed Merchant Cruisers Kanimbla, Manoora and Westralia, Improved Tribal Class destroyer Warramunga, and Grimsby Class sloop Warrego (II).2 These ships were part of the Bombardment Fire and Support Group assisting the American invasion of Luzon at Lingayen Gulf. 

Japanese kamikaze attacks, first used during the American landing on the island of Leyte in 1944, would be used again at Lingayen. Sustained aerial attacks by the Japanese against the Allied Fleet saw the RAN Flagship HMAS Australia (II) hit five times.3

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Service number PM4709
Able Seaman
HMAS Australia (II) D84 - WW2
Royal Australian Navy

RUSSELL, Colin Neil

HMAS Australia (II) D84 - WW2
Royal Australian Navy
Born 15 Dec 1923


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Able Seaman
HMAS Australia (II) D84 - WW2
Royal Australian Navy
Born 5 Jun 1923

BRACEGIRDLE, Warwick Seymour

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HMAS Bataan
Royal Australian Navy
Born 22 Dec 1911

SWANN, Bruce Shearer

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Able Seaman
Born 20 Aug 1925

MAUNSELL, Allan Richard

Service number S/5801
Able Seaman
HMAS Australia (II) D84 - WW2
Royal Australian Navy
Born 16 Feb 1923

ROWLEY, Sidney Charles

Service number H1258
Leading Seaman
HMAS Australia (II) D84 - WW2
Royal Australian Navy
Born 9 Feb 1919

BENHAM, Gregory Wade

Service number OFFICER
Sub Lieutenant
Born 2 Jul 1914