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Meningie Area School provides a broad, general curriculum from R-10 with opportunity to complete the SACE, along with a broad range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications, in senior secondary to the students of its district. Its mission is to ensure equitable educational outcomes for all its students, whilst striving for excellence. Our school values the contributions of each and every participant in the education process, whilst striving for social stability, regular attendance, application to work, a positive attitude and quality performance.


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MCNICOL, Archibald Patrick

Curated by 9/10 HASS

Flight Lieutenant

WRIGHT, Ross Kelvin

Curated by 9/10 HASS


WILSON, Garnet Eustace

Curated by 9/10 HASS

Private, 25 Employment Company, Citizen Military Forces (CMF) / Militia - WW2

GRUNERT, Charles Roy Britain

Curated by 9/10 HASS


WILSON, Clifford Tony

Curated by 9/10 HASS

Private, 27th Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1

SWEETMAN, Donald Frederick

Curated by 9/10 HASS

Private, 2nd/43rd Infantry Battalion, 2nd AIF WW 2

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