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Nazareth Catholic College promotes a partnership of learning which involves the students, the College and the family. Our focus is successful learning for all. Nazareth Catholic College values the wellbeing of all.

Our Mission 'inspired by Jesus of Nazareth and our Patrons, we are people of justice, each committed to building community, nourishing family life and making the world a better place'underpins all aspects of curriculum.  

Our Pastoral Care, Social Justice and Religious Education programs aim to build strong community relationships which support and nurture each individual. In line with this, our Secondary College has committed to a mentoring program where classes are vertically grouped, enabling students to connect across year levels and for teachers, individual students and their families to form lasting and significant relationships.

We believe right relationships are evident when the student, staff and families feel safe, secure and have a strong sense of belonging. 

We are inclusive and welcoming. We celebrate and value the many and varied contributions and achievements which are evident in the day to day activities of our school.  


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MAHONEY, Lloyd Leonard

Curated by 9.7 History

Private, 10th Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1

MAHONEY, Joseph David

Curated by 9.7 History

Sergeant, 10th Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1

THROSSELL, Hugo Vivian Hope

Curated by 9.7 History

Captain, 10th Light Horse Regiment, AIF WW1

CAMERON, William Henry

Curated by 9.7 History

Lance Sergeant, 11th Light Horse Regiment, AIF WW1

JENNINGS, Alfred Frank

Curated by 9.7 History

Bombardier, 8th Field Artillery Brigade , AIF WW1

DANK, Charles Conrad

Curated by 9.7 History

Private, 31st Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1

HOFFMAN, William George

Curated by 9.7 History

Private, 32nd Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1

ANDERSON, Alec Victor Nicholas

Curated by Daniel Hughes

Private, 43rd Infantry Battalion, AIF WW1

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