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Our Journey so far

Teachers and students at Le Fevre High School have a robust ‘living history’ focus.

We have a strong commitment to understanding our own history, and are very proud of some of the amazing people who have graduated from Le Fevre to do awesome things. An example of this is ‘Diver Derrick,’ a soldier from World War Two.

 In recent years, we have been involved in a number of exciting projects. These have included Medieval Day in Year 8 and the Adopt-a-Grave scheme through Cheltenham Cemeteries Authorities in Year 9.

We are also delighted to be a pilot school for the SA RSL Virtual War Memorial Education Portal.

This allows us to not only develop skills of Historical Inquiry, but also to show our respect for the men and women who have participated in the military on behalf of Australia over the years.

This year, the Year 9 High Achievers’ Individuals and Societies students were a part of the project, researching beyond the Portal to enable them to upload information and a biography for a soldier during World War One. This was incorporated into their Unit of Work ‘World War One.’ As Le Fevre High School runs the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program, we study World War One through a conceptual understanding using an inquiry based statement, which in this case was ‘Global Interactions can lead to conflict.’

We are currently about to begin the process of uploading this information to the site.

One of the Year 9 students used his research to enter The Spirit of ANZAC Competition.

Some volunteers from Year 10 have researched further information to upload. Three of them used this information to write an essay for The Spirit of ANZAC Competition. They all did a wonderful job.

I am happy to announce that one of our entries to the Spirit of ANZAC competition won!

Deklan Soeroes, based on family papers and hard work, wrote a piece on his ancestor, Frederick William Gum, who served on the Frontline during World War One. 

Deklan’s prize for this outstanding piece is to join a group of other students who were also successful in the competition on a fully funded two week study tour of Vietnam later in this year. This exciting opportunity also ties in to our commitment to fostering international mindedness in our students.  

Rachel McLaine


Published 12 August 2016