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Melbourne 14-08-1945. A Clerk of the Department of Information Listening Post Checking through the files of German Nazi Broadcast Bulletins in the Unit Reference Library.

The New Year: 1916

January 1968 - Remembering Corporal Graham Norley

140th Anniversary of a Colonial Catastrophe - and SA's first native born soldier to die in combat

February 1942 - The Loss of Ambon and Gull Force

February 1942 - Singapore Triptych

Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin

Java, March 1942- 'Blackforce' and the loss of the HMAS Perth

Battle Honours - RAAF Pilot Awarded The Silver Star - Edward Mobsby

The Campaign in Dutch Timor and Sparrow Force - Daniel Minchin

John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his Donkey

The Anzac spirit embodied in SA’s 10th Battalion

The RSL Virtual War Memorial welcomes Professor Robert O’Neill AO as its Military History Ambassador

Crete: 75 Years On

The Lonely ANZAC

The Fisherman's Friend - Ray Frauenfelder (5RAR)

The Worst Day in Australian Military History – Fromelles 19/20 July 1916

Kokoda Campaign 1942 “Australia’s Thermopylae”

"Poor Devils": The Battle of Pozières

"I would rather be on Gallipoli": The Battle of Pozieres

We Will Remember - Bill Park

VALE William (Bill) Park CBE AM: A Crusader at Rest

75th Anniversary of the Formation of the Australian Women's Army Service

Seven Silent Minutes

18th August 1966 - The Battle of Long Tan - an overview

Australian POWs in Nagasaki

Victory in the Pacific

The Price of Peace at Last

Diary of a Destroyer: the HMAS Parramatta in German New Guinea

Hill 60 Gallipoli – the last gasp for the 3rd Light Horse Brigade

Malaya & Borneo Veterans' Day

The Australasian Soldiers Dardanelles Cenotaph & the Origins of Anzac Day

ADF Peacekeeper's Day

Letter to the Prime Minister 23rd September 1915

The POW Death Ships – Australia’s Worst Maritime Disasters

Australians and the Road to Damascus

Harold Carseldine

Saving Private Bishop - Andrew Faulkner

31 October - Beersheba Anniversary

A WWI Selfie - A South Australian Fighter Ace

Remembrance Day Under Fire

Bougainville: November 1944

Remembrance Day 1916

19 November - Anniversary of the Sinking of HMAS Sydney

Christmas in the Trenches

The Christmas Truce - a remarkable Australian connection

A Christmas Truce of a Different Kind

Australian Christmases at War

Christmas in Dili

Christmas in Film

Someone to Watch Over Them - AIF Nurses

The Boxers and the Protector: Australian Engagement with Asia at the Turn of the Century

South Australian Nurses and the Second Anglo-Boer War

Lines of Communication: News from the Front

The Australian Merchant Navy during the Great War

Leon Maxwell Gellert – Adelaide’s Own Soldier-Poet of the Great War

Recitation - The Creeping Barrage : Siegfried Sassoon

Welcome Home - the Return of the Unknown Soldier

The Symons of South Australia

The Potter Brothers

A Tale of Two Soldiers

Book Launch: The Private War of Solomon William Jacobs

The South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau

The Battle of Adelaide: The Cheer-Up Society and the Returned Soldiers Association

Violet Town: Commemorating a Community

The Well Travelled Soldiers

Corporal Frank McLean MM – A proud great grand-daughter honours his service in Singapore

Ex-POW Leader Bill Schmitt dies at 97

Interned: An Italian Prince in South Australia

BCOF - The Forgotten Battalions

Konfrontasi- Coming Home: The 111th Light Anti Aircraft Battery in 1966

First Track by Peter Haran

NAIDOC Week 2016

We Remember Them All

We Will Remember Them All

A Century of Remembrance

Two years on and so much to be proud of!

Crystal Brook Commemorates Vietnam

An Outstanding Innings - 102 not out! Adelaide's War Memorial Oak

The First Conscription Referendum

The Wounds We Cannot See

War Dogs Honoured

2016 Christmas Appeal

Poetry of War

Good News From Home

Echoes of Remembrance

"Don't Forget Me, Cobber" Luncheon - Port Lincoln

Queen Victoria's Last War

Western Front to Normandy Tour 2018

From Prisoner to Guard: The Life and Service of Leslie Walter Parish

The Peter Badcoe VC Medal

The Mystery of the Black Cat

A Shoebox of WWI Portraits

Flanders Memorial Garden Unveiled

The Many Talents of Sir Hubert Wilkins

The Political Battle at the Beginning of the War: the 1914 Federal Election

Kapara: Convalescence during the World Wars

Don’t Forget me Cobber Lunch - Adelaide 6 October 2017

Russia - The October Revolution and its impact on the First World War

RSL SA Turns 100 Today

Robert Kearney Honoured with an OAM

Raid on Celtic Wood Launch

The Cross of Long Tan's return to Australian War Memorial

HMAS-AE1 - Australia's most enduring naval mystery solved 21 December 2017

The Vyner Brooke / Radgi Beach Atrocity

Valour and Violets

The Tale of an Enduring Friendship - MeWei 3027

12/13th May - 50th Anniversary of the Battles for Fire Support Base Coral and Balmoral

75th Anniversary "Operation Chastise" The Dams Raid 16/17 May 1943

Port Lincoln in the Great War

Peaceful Penetration - Low-Cost, High-Gain tactics on the Western Front

Le Hamel 4th July 1918 - Blueprint for Victory

The Battle of Amiens 8th August 1918 - The Beginning of the End of the Great War / "der Schwarze Tag"

Mont St Quentin / Peronne 30th August -2 September 1918

The Last to Fall - Australians Killed in Action WW1

Education and Remembrance - Telling Their Story

Hallowed Ground - Women Doctors at War

Ronald Lindsay Johnson and his corner of Australia

The Western Front – The War Underground

Remembering the Dead, Ancient and Modern

Anzac Day Timeline

One Hundred Years since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles

Archaeology on the Anzac battlefield

November 1918 - by Robert S Kearney

Harold Box - The 49th Man Executed in South Australia

80 Years since the declaration of War on Germany to begin the Second World War

Posthumous honour for Lieutenant Ronald George WILLIAMS TX2146 2nd/40th Battalion

General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove is National Patron of Virtual war memorial Australia

Kicking Goals Behind the Barbed Wire

25th Anniversary of Operation Tamar - UN Assistance Mission to Rwanda

Tasman Leonard Williams

Reflections on Remembrance Day

The Origins of Remembrance Day

The Bayonet - All you need to know.

Captain George Thyne Reid

The 1914 Christmas Truce - Determining Fact From Fiction

Remembering the Sandakan Prisoner of War Camp and Death Marches

Stanley Melbourne Bruce: Soldier, Politician, Statesman, Viscount

120th Anniversary of the Relief of Kimberley - Boer War

Sister Mary Hamilton McFarlane and the Tragedy of the AHS Centaur

The Life and Poetry of Kenneth Slessor

Private Max Gordon HUDSON SX 17807 A Family Dedication

ANZAC Day Preparations

Remembering ANZAC after 105 years

THE ANZAC SPIRIT - Alive and well in our young people

My ANZAC Days - Vietnam 19 Apr 1966 to 12 May 1967


Victory in Europe (VE ) Day 2020 - 8th May

VE Day - 75 Years Later by Ned Young

The Battle of Crete

The Fall of Singapore

Megan Spencer a winner in the MEAA State Media Awards

Vale David Whitlock Hesketh Jones: 4 June 1922 - 13 June 2020

The Bombing of Darwin

The Art of Jack Dale Mengenen

Silent His Wings - A Sister’s Tribute

Gus Winckel’s Bronze Lion

Broome’s Flying Boat Wrecks

Local Hero Charlie D’Antoine

The Diamond Dakota

Corporal Andrew Ireland BEM

The Battle of the Coral Sea

Australia's shift from the United Kingdom to the United States

Battle of Milne Bay

The First and the Last – RAAF Kittyhawk Fighter Pilots in the SW Pacific

VP Day Reflections by Peter L Williams

The Atomic Bomb

Bringing the Boys Home - Repatriation and Demobilisation

The life and times of Hugh Bower - celebrating 100 years

80 years ago……… Australians in the Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain – Part 2

Battle of Britain Day

Battle of Britain Part 3

The Long And The Short Of It - The AIF’s Most Uniquely Sized Soldiers

Battle of Britain Part 4

Operation Sea Lion

Completion of the Thai Burma Railway

‘Thunder of a light horse charge’ - 100 Years of Controversy

Remembering Gang Toi - 55 Years

Patrick Andreas Ohlstrom Trailer

Patrick Andreas Ohlstrom - His Journey through the Great War

An Outstanding Pilot - Dudley Marrows DSO DFC

‘Dutch Courage’ - Hans de Vries’ (April 22, 1923 – January 12, 2019) and No. 18 Squadron NEI / RAAF

Evacuation of Gallipoli - 105 Years