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Location Payneham, Norwood Payneham St Peters - South Australia, Australia
Co‑ordinates S34.901608, E138.643914

Marian Road,  Payneham South, South Australia.

The Payneham Cemetery, first established in 1848 by the Primitive Methodists, has strong links with the foundation and settlement of South Australia.

Payneham Historic Cemetery has served Adelaide and the Eastern suburbs for more than 150 years.
The Trustees will continue to upgrade the cemetery by progressively introducing lawns, shrubs and trees.

This is a fascinating place where some of the state's early settlers were buried.

Did you know that in South Australia the law states that we don't buy grave sites in perpetuity, they are only ever leased and for most of the historic graves at Payneham that lease was usually for 100 years. As a result of this, many of the oldest graves have been removed and the sites have been resold which is why there are so many new graves there now.  This cemetery has gone out of its way to preserve history by restoring the old headstones and keeping them on site.

Some of the historic headstones that have been preserved include Kate Boadecia Cocks, SA's first female Police Officer AND founder of the Kate Cocks Babies Home at Brighton. Also buried there is Edward Castres Gwynne who pioneered the South Australian Supreme Court and Capt Thomas Cowling, the manager of several historic SA mines.


Sourced and submitted by Julianne T Ryan.  17/2/2015.  Lest we forget.



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BRAY, Morley Ewart

Service number 3374
50th Infantry Battalion
Born 8 Jun 1891

Thumb coombs
COOMBS, Kennion

Service number 2314
48th Infantry Battalion
Born 19 Aug 1896

Thumb 19759167515 964105b5ec o
TREMAIN, George Thomas

Service number 19196
Born 2 Jan 1899

Thumb normal 1c
JEFFRIES, Eleanor Wibmer

Service number STAFF...
Head Sister
Australian Army Nursing Service (WW1)
Born 1882

Thumb stirling2
STIRLING, William Stuart

Service number S69591
3rd (SA) Battalion VDC
Australian Military Forces (WW2)
Born 19 Mar 1891

Thumb normal hicks  02
HICKS, William Joseph

Service number SX39855
Born 5 Oct 1908

Thumb rollo
BAKER, Rollo Clement

Service number S69794
3rd (SA) Battalion VDC
Australian Military Forces (WW2)
Born 31 Mar 1890

Thumb 8092117084 0c8a9483c1 o
VOWLES, Reuben Joseph

Service number 31701
12th Field Artillery Brigade
Born 10 Apr 1891

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