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Cemetery Details

Location Cemetery Road, Nichols Point, Mildura, Mildura Shire - Victoria, Australia
Co‑ordinates S34.24135, E142.09414

Mildura was the wartime base for the RAAF's No 2 Operational Training Unit.

The Mildura Public Cemetery contains 63 burials from the Second World War, comprising 7 Australian Army and 56 RAAF Personnel.

Forty nine of these are buried in the War Plot.  Many of those buried here died in air training accidents.

The public Cemetery also contains 6 Australian Graves from the First World War.

The Nichols Point Cemetery is located approximately five kilometres east of the city centre. The location is adjacent to the Murray River flood plain and the flood level of the 1956 flood (40m AHD) has been identified as a serious constraint to the full development of all the land contained in the cemetery site.

The original cemetery block was acquired from the Chaffey Brothers in 1891 and has been added to on a number of occasions until the title was fully excised and consolidated between 1975 and 1977.

The land was reserved as a cemetery under the Cemeteries Act and gazetted on 7 April 1898, although the first burial occurred in 1892.

The cemetery includes a War Graves section, established after the Second World War for the service men of the Air Force Training Base, and a Lawn Cemetery section was established in the 1970s.

By the early 1990s, with flood plain limits and the constraints placed on the clearing of vegetation on the unused parts of the cemetery, the cemetery was seen to be reaching capacity and the need for a new site was identified. In 2006, 150 new grave sites were established and December 2017 saw the release of 502 new lawn plots with the opening of the new lawn section, located where the Sexton's house once stood.



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HEPBURN, Kenneth Edward

Service number 430170
Flight Sergeant
Born 9 Aug 1924

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DEED, Ramon John Peter

Service number 3788300
Born 25 Jul 1945

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OBST, Ronald Edwin

Service number 437152
No 2 Air Navigation School
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 7 Jul 1913

Thumb 18820610846 9277d4d54b o

Service number 2870
43rd Infantry Battalion
Born 23 May 1875

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SPENCER, Reginald Albert

Service number 416035
Flying Officer
Born 13 Jul 1922

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RAPP, Albert Nicholas

Service number 401832
Pilot Officer
No 2 Air Navigation School
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 31 May 1915

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ARNOTT, Alan Ross Airly

Service number 426819
Pilot Officer
No. 2 Operational Training Unit Mildura
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 25 Jun 1924

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TURLAN, Louis Henry

Service number V13631
2nd/24th Infantry Battalion
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 27 Jan 1925

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