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Cemetery Details

Location aleja Armii Poznan, Poznan, City County - Greater Poland (wielkopolskie), Poland
Co‑ordinates N52.41799, E16.93272

Location Information
The city of Poznan is located in the west of Poland approx 320kms east of Berlin. From the A2 motorway BERLIN to POZNAN take the exit ARMII POZNAN 430 and continue for approx 2.5kms along DOLNA WILDA. Turn right onto DROGA DEBINSKA and continue for approx 3.5kms. Turn right onto KAZIMIERZA WIELKIEGO and continue for approx 400m. Turn left onto MOSTOWA and continue for approx 700m. Turn left onto WIELKA and after 40m turn right onto GARBARY, continue for approx 1km and turn left (CWGC sign) onto ALEJA ARMII POZNAN. Continue for approx 700m and the cemetery can be found on the right within the Park Cytadela The cemetery address is:- Park Cytadela Aleja Armii Poznan 61-663 Poznan Poland GPS Location is:- N 52 25 04 E 16 55 57

History Information
After the First World War, the graves of Commonwealth servicemen who had died in Poland as prisoners of war were gathered together in this cemetery. There are now 174 Commonwealth servicemen of the First World War buried or commemorated in the cemetery. One of the burials is unidentified. Special memorials commemorate one casualty known to have been buried in Czersk Prisoners of War Cemetery, 29 known to have been buried at Szczypiorno Prisoners of War Cemetery and 18 known to have been buried at Pila (formerly Schneidemuhl) Prisoners of War Cemetery, all of whose graves could not be identified. The majority of the 283 Second World War burials in the cemetery are those of airmen, many of whom died in bombing operations on Stettin (now Szeczin). Also buried here are those involved in the mass escape from Stalag Luft 3, Sagan (now Zagan), in March 1944, and others who died while prisoners of war during the German occupation, at Stalag VIIIC, Sagan, Stalag XXID at Poznan, Oflag XXIB (also known as Oflag 64) and Stalag XXIB, both at Schubin (now Szubin). There are also 19 war graves of other nationalities in the cemetery, most of them Polish. The cemetery also contains the POZNAN MEMORIAL commemorating five RNAS armoured car ratings who died near Brezazany in July 1917 and whose graves were never located.



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Service number 400364
Squadron Leader
No. 455 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 23 Nov 1921

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LEIGH, Thomas Barker

Service number 46462
Flight Lieutenant
No. 76 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 11 Feb 1919

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HAKE, Albert Horace

Service number 403218
Warrant Officer
No. 72 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 30 Jun 1916

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KIERATH, Reginald Victor

Service number 402364
Flight Lieutenant
No. 450 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 20 Feb 1915

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WILLIAMS, John Edwin Ashley

Service number 40652
Squadron Leader
No. 450 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 6 May 1919

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YABSLEY, John Francis

Service number 423970
Flight Sergeant
No. 57 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 6 Feb 1915

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