Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium, Brisbane

Cemetery Details

Location 285 Graham Road (Off - Albany Creek Rd), Bridgeman Downs, Queensland, Australia
Co‑ordinates S27.3507, E152.9928


was established in 1962, and is (1 of 5) of the Brisbane Region's largest cemeteries.  On the north side of Brisbane, and to the north of the Brisbane Region at the town of Bridgeman Downs. 

Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery is the only cemetery in the Brisbane Region, that is home to a "Queensland Garden of Remembrance", & the "Office of Australian War Graves" - they're both separate entities of business to the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery, and are both maintained and administrated by the Office of Australian War Graves. 

Queensland Garden of Remembrance, and the Office of Australian War Graves (within Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery) are located between:  ANZAC Portions - 3 & 6, of Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery.  War graves at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery can be found in the portions (marked, ANZ-3-4-5 & 6) on the map of this cemetery.  However their are an extensive number of memorials or graves of war veterans -men and women- plotted throughout the other various portions of Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery too.  Hence being that Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery has a large extensive number of cemetery - divisions (known as, "Portions") spread out throughout its grounds.  I recommend obtaining a full portions map of Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery, when locating a 'grave', in the great number of 'portions', that make up the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery.

There is a crematorium (Pinnaroo Crematorium) & memorial chapel precinct catering for all funeral services, situated at the front (between both main entrances) of Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium.

Address:  Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium - 285 Graham Rd - Bridgeman Downs, Qld, Australia (Off - Albany Creek Rd, and opposite - Albany Creek Memorial Park).


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Showing 8 people of interest from cemetery

PETTET, Alfred William

Service number 3880
9th Infantry Battalion
Born 26 Oct 1895

GRICE, Victor Roy

Service number 1730947
6th Battalion
The Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR)
Australian Army (Post WW2)
Born 6 Apr 1945

ALBURY, Clarence Frederick

Service number 124
9th Infantry Battalion
Born 6 Nov 1895

HENDLE, Terence Edward

Service number 18256
Lance Corporal
Born 13 Jul 1946

PETERSEN, Victor Neils

Service number 1733375
Born 10 Oct 1945

ROONEY, Kerry Michael

Service number 15561
Lance Corporal
6th Battalion
The Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR)
Australian Army (Post WW2)
Born 7 Feb 1943


Service number R47251
Petty Officer
Born 17 May 1833

BUCKBY , David

Service number Q55116
15 Garrison Battalion (QLD)
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 25 Oct 1895