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Location 131 McKenzie Road, Barmera, Berri and Barmera - South Australia, Australia
Co‑ordinates S34.264501, E140.442648

131 McKenzie Road, Barmera, South Australia  5345

This Upper Murray Garden of Memory Cemetery is located to the right of the Barmera Cemetery.

The cemetery grave records are held and maintained Mr Bruce Lieven (0407 882 538).

The cemetery currently holds approximately 612 servicemen and women's records (as of 28/12/2015).

This cemetery was commended during WWII and managed by the Australian War Graves Commission.  After the cessation of fighting in 1945, the War Graves Commission handed over control to the local RSL sub-branches, from which delegates were elected to a committee to act as Trustees and to develop the cemetery as a War Memorial.  It was to be a cemetery, a last resting place for any Australian Ex-Service man or woman who had served in wartime in a fulltime capacity.  Any British or Allied Ex-Service man or woman was also eligble to be buried in the cemetery if he or she met the same criteria.

The Australian War Grave Commission survey 8 sections in the cemetery.  Each section was divided into 4 rows of 16 grave plots – each section containing 64 grave plots, making 512 plots in the original survey. 

An additional 28 plots were later survey between the two rear sections B and D.

The Sections are identified by the letters A to J.

The Rows are identified by letters A-B-C-D in each section.

The Grave Plots are each numbered by the numerals 1 to 16.

By looking at the attached plan you will see that the numbering of each row begins at the northern end, which is the end nearest the adjoining civilian “Barmera Cemetery”.

On entering from McKenzie Road (western side of this cemetery), Section G is on your left and Section H is on your right.   Further forward Section E is on your left and Section F on the right.

The road is lined with large conifer trees, with remembrance plaques of servicemen and women and the foot of each plant.

The road ends in a T-junction as you approach the Cross of Sacrifice.

Immediately to the left of the Cross of Sacrifice is Section A, and Section C to the right.   While beyond the Cross of Sacrifice Section B is beyond to the left (behind A) and Section D to the right (behind C).   The additional 28 grave plots , in four short rows of 7 plots each, are between Sections B and D and are numbered 17 to 23 onwards from Section B.

Sourced and submitted by Julianne T Ryan,  28/12/2015.  Lest we forget.




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Thumb normal whitmore  albert
WHITMORE, Albert Ernest

Service number S38676
Warrant Officer Class 1
Loveday Internment Group
Citizen Military Forces (CMF) / Militia - WW2
Born 14 Aug 1899

Thumb dickenswh02
DICKENS, William John

Service number V159785
Headquarters Staff
Born 26 Oct 1893

Thumb 16976990280 e9e2cc9a16 o
MACKENZIE, Neil Seaforth

Service number 6786
10th Infantry Battalion
Born 11 May 1897

Thumb normal atkinson
ATKINSON, Robert Leonard

Service number SX6051
2/1 Field Butchering Company
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 24 Oct 1917

Thumb capture
STEPHENS, William Edward

Service number S51039
Born 15 Jun 1906

Thumb normal 1aa
SMITH, Albert James

Service number 438
50th Infantry Battalion
Born 23 Oct 1892

Thumb miller
MILLER, Thomas Oscar

Service number 374
Company Sergeant Major
1st Machine Gun Battalion
Born 22 Dec 1889

Thumb 20282948010 d00590afb6 b
COLBY, Harold

Service number 3388
Born 23 Sep 1898