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Location Clearview, Port Adelaide Enfield - South Australia, Australia
Co‑ordinates S34.85735, E138.61327

Looking very much like a beautifully maintained public park, Enfield Memorial Park is a green oasis and a focal point for the diverse local community. 

There is real variety in the gardens and pavilions here. Traditional rose plantings complement secluded groves of ornamental trees. Water features wind their way amongst paths dotted with shrubs. The Mausoleum Precinct has its own quiet elegance, while the Buddhist Garden has been designed as a place of harmony and peace. Alongside it, The Cascades places bold modern metal sculpture in the midst of a grove of trees standing on sprawling lawns.

Families can choose from every type of burial and memorial site at Enfield Memorial Park, including the Natural Burial option available in the peaceful Wirra Wonga area. 

Enfield Memorial Park is open to the public every day of the year and hosts a variety of community events.



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Thumb harris horrace
HARRIS, Horace Edgar

Service number 18221
Born 22 Sep 1896

Thumb blowfitch
BLOFFWITCH, Raymond Alfred Wilfred

Service number SX7866
2nd/48th Infantry Battalion
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 4 Mar 1920

Thumb received 10155779362568408.jpg 2
KAKOSCHKE, Morris John

Service number SX21590
Born 5 Oct 1923

Thumb whitfield

Service number 3071
9th Light Horse Regiment
Born 1898

Thumb zoom harding2
HARDING, George Edward

Service number S114941
Born 13 Sep 1897

Thumb bonney g sx8216 24 8 1940211
BONNEY, George Harold

Service number SX8126
Born 8 Apr 1912

Thumb normal 1a  2
HEALEY, John Victor

Born 10 Aug 1917

Thumb 1b
THOMPSON, Frederick William George

Service number SX27115
2nd/6th Field Ambulance
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 15 Dec 1907