Cairns War Cemetery

Cemetery Details

Location Martyn Street, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Co‑ordinates S16.90787, E145.75353

Cairns War Cemetery contains 99 Commonwealth and 19 Dutch war graves of the Second World War.

Cairns was an important shipping port and air base during the last three years of the Second World War, 1942-45 and was the departure point for the final New Guniea and Borneo campaigns.  Its proximity to Papua and New Guinea and neighbouring islands made Carins an ideal headquarters for No 11 and No 20 Catalina reconnaissance bomber squadrons and as an embarkation port for Australia Forces.

Some of the servicmen buried at this site died in the General Military Hosptial from war-related wounds, accident or illness.

The Ciarns Cemetery contains 108 Second World War service burials, comprising 10 RAN and 1 Royal Netherlands Navy, 80 Australian Army and 17 RAAF.   All but 10 of these are grouped together in this special war plot.

There are also 8 Australian burials of the First World War.



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HAYES, Jerome Sutton

Service number SX7494
Lines of Communication Units
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 16 Jun 1910

MAYNARD, Stephen

Service number VX70344
2nd/2nd Pioneer Battalion
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 19 Jul 1907

MCCOLL, Lindsay James Sutherland

Service number 405796
5 Communication Unit RAAF (Garbutt)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 9 Jul 1920

CRAWFORD, John Wilson

Service number NX378
11th Infantry Brigade Headquarters
Born 8 Jul 1899

NEWELL, John William

Service number 404543
Flight Lieutenant
RAAF Telecommunications and Communications Units
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 8 Jun 1917

DOWNES, Rupert Major

Service number VX57673
Major General
Born 10 Feb 1885

LAHEY, James Vernon Stothard

Service number 405743
No. 20 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 28 Mar 1909

GILCHRIST, Reginald Boyd

Service number QX36500
2nd/12th Infantry Battalion
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 24 Mar 1921

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