St Simon and St Jude Cemetery

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Location Bendooley Street, Bowral, Wingecarribee - New South Wales, Australia
Co‑ordinates S34.481514, E150.420639

Situated behind St Simon & St Jude Anglican Church, 34 Bendooley Street, Bowral, New South Wales.

The Bradman family attended the St Jude Church. For a number of years a young Don Bradman sang in the church choir.

The original church was designed by Edmund Blacket and built in 1874. The church was demolished in 1887 to make way for a larger church, which was officially opened on 20 February 1887.

294 graves reside in this cemetery, with 427 names recorded (there are also cremated plaques).

This cemetery has been in use since 1875 until present.

The original St Jude's was consecrated in 1874. It was designed by the architect Edmund Blacket (he had designed Sydney University's quadrangle) in an unusual and impressive Norman-style.

A decade later it was deemed too small although there is a school of thought that argues Blacket's original design was damned because Norman churches were only appropriate for 'primitive' societies. Bishop Charles Barry declared that 'he liked to see churches simple and rude when the houses round them were simple and rude also; but he did not like to see the church building rude when the houses around them showed increasing signs of improvement'. Given that Blacket was the Church of England architect of choice - his work included St Andrews Cathedral, Christ Church St Lawrence and St Marks Darling Point - this was a strange decision.

A new church was built in 1886-87 and only the bell turret, the western end of the vestry, the font, communion rails and the stone beneath the communion table remain from the original building. The church rectory was built in 1880.

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MAXWELL, Arthur Mainwaring

Service number 59
51st Infantry Battalion (WW1)
Born 8 Jun 1888