Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery

Cemetery Details

Location Berlin, Germany
Co‑ordinates N52.50704, E13.222128

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Historical Information

The site of Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery was selected by the British Occupation Authorities and Commission officials jointly in 1945, soon after hostilities ceased.

Graves were brought to the cemetery from the Berlin area and from eastern Germany*. The great majority of those buried here, approximately 80 per cent of the total, were airmen who were lost in the air raids over Berlin and the towns in eastern Germany. The remainder were men who died as prisoners of war, some of them in the forced march into Germany from camps in Poland, in front of the advancing Russians.

The cemetery contains 3,595 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 397 of them unidentified.  



Showing 8 people of interest from cemetery

HARBER, Harley Cecil

Service number 421595
Flight Sergeant
No. 158 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 1 Jul 1916

NOSKE, John Alfred

Service number 427016
Flight Sergeant
No. 101 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 9 Jun 1922

LOCK, Robert Henry

Service number 429235
Flight Sergeant
Born 3 Jul 1924

FARRER, Albert Wilson

Service number 417824
Flight Sergeant
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 11 Jan 1914

FITZGERALD, Richard Thomas

Service number 295249
Squadron Leader
No. 35 Squadron (RAAF) - WW2
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 11 Jun 1921

TRESIDDER, Douglas John

Service number 415104
Flight Sergeant
No. 101 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 1 Sep 1922

FAIRCLOUGH, Lindsay Samuel

Service number 415412
Pilot Officer
No. 463 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 15 Jul 1923

CLUNAS, Eric Clark

Service number 415764
Flight Sergeant
No. 207 Squadron (RAF)
Royal Air Force
Born 18 Jan 1918