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Location Warrenbayne Hal, Warrenbayne Post Office Road & School Road, Warrenbayne, Benalla - Victoria, Australia
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Wooden Honour Board

ANZAC Day Commemoration was held at Warrenbayne Hall on Sunday morning, and the attendance was one of the largest seen in the hall for an Anzac service. Mr. W. McPherson, president of the Benalla sub-branch R.S.S. & A.I.L.A, was chairman, and conducted the service, being ably assisted by the senior vice-president (Mr. J. Pennington). The guest speaker was Hon. John McEwen, M.H.R., who spoke on the objects of ANZAC, and gave an address along the same lines as that in Benalla, and was attentively listened to by the large gathering. Offerings towards relief of distressed Diggers amounted to £7/5/10.

After a pilgrimage to the memorial, opportunity was then taken to unveil the honour roll of 1939-45 world war, when everyone returned to the hall for a very impressive short service. Mr. W. McPherson was chairman. Another touching song sung by school children was "Dear Land of Hope." Mr. McPherson then introduced Colonel R. H. Wallace, who spoke on the tremendous significance behind the words, which we all heard one day in August, 1945-four simple words, "The war is over" and since then we have had the big job of trying to reconstruct the world and the job of keeping permanent peace. Victory had brought with it great responsibilities and the leadership given by returned personnel of the army could be utilised in civilian life. On the honour roll all services were represented, including the name of Sister Edna Robinson, who belonged to the great service of nursing.

He knew from experience of the wonderful band of women who gave sympathy, and their kindliness meant more to them than doctors' prescriptions. We owe a debt that will not be humanly possible to repay. Ranks in service are united in brotherhood and comradeship, which is the spirit of ANZAC, and through this spirit we must try to avoid a third world blood pool. The day was a very appropriate one on which to unveil the honour roll and have it hung alongside the one already there, the one of the 1914 - 18 war. We were furnished with the honour rolls as a reminder of of our soldiers, and is of great value to us and to those of the future generations. Cr. Wallace then humbly but reverently unveiled the honour roll.
Benalla Ensign (Vic.), 30 April 1948.

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Opened 25 April 1948 by Cr. Wallace


1939 - 1945





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Service number VFX42603
2nd/7th Australian General Hospital
Australian Military Forces (WW2)
Born 6 Apr 1914

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