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Location Balaklava, Wakefield - South Australia, Australia
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Crash site.

On Saturday 2nd February 1957 at 1017 hours, a Mustang A86-152 from 24 Squadron (CAF), crashed 10 miles north of Balaklava.

Official: Summary:

During a period of general flying the aircraft began a descending turn to port from an altitude of 2,000 feet. Shortly afterwards it crashed in the vicinity of a farmhouse. The farm was owned by a relative of the deceased.


1.        My sister and me heard the Mustang fly over about 10.15 am. We thought it might be Ray as he frequently flew over our place when he was on duty. We ran outside and saw the plane fly round my father's place a couple of miles north, then it returned towards us on the western side.

2.        The Mustang flew over at about 400 feet and it seemed to be flying very slowly. We waved and we saw the pilot wave back, then the plane disappeared behind the house and we waited for it to reappear. I heard the engine stop and when the plane didn't appear again we ran around the house. We saw a huge cloud of dust billowing up 200 yards away, but we didn't hear a crash.

We raced to the scene after telephoning the Balaklava police and found him lying clear of the wreckage; he was still alive but died about ten minutes later. I ripped open his parachute and covered his body.

The aircraft disintegrated in the crash, pieces of it were strewn over a distance of about 200 yards and the radio transmitter was found nearly a quarter of a mile away.

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