The Fourth Regiment Memorial


Location Lavarack Barracks, Murray, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Type memorial

The 4th Regiment Memorial is situated on the front edge of the Regiment’s parade ground, within Townsville’s Lavarack Barracks. It consists of three walls; a centre wall and two flanking walls, the East Wing and the West Wing.

The Centre Wall commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the raising of the Regiment. The wall’s design comprises of the badge of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery; the Regiment’s title; plaques of the batteries that either served within or with the Regiment (A, 101st, 102nd, 104th, 106th, 107th, 108th Field Batteries, 131st Divisional Locating Battery and 161st Battery RNZA); the badges of the corps that served within the Regiment (RAAMC, RAEME, RACT, RAAPC, RAAOC, AACC and RAAChD); and scrolls bearing the names of the wars and operations in which the Regiment served over the period 1960 – 2000.

The East Wing is dedicated to the gunners who served in The Great War and the Second World War. It bears the titles and plaques of the Regiment’s forebears, their colour patches and scrolls bearing the names of the campaigns in which they served.

The Memorial’s West Wing also contains the Regiment’s colour patch and the campaigns/operations in which the Regiment has taken part in since 2001. It also notes the Unit’s change in name, from 4th Field Regiment to 4th Regiment.

The Regiment’s Roll of Honour is made-up of a series of brass plaques attached to right-hand wall.

Each of the rear walls of the Memorial has a panorama. The left and right walls show the Australian Artillery moving-up to the Poperinghe Road, in Ypres, on 25th September 1917. The centre wall shows a gun of the 4th Field Artillery Brigade during ‘stand to’.

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