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Location Chapel Street, St Kilda East, Port Phillip - Victoria, Australia
Type memorial

The 2nd/10th Regiment Memorial is situated at the Regiment’s Headquarters depot in St Kilda East, Melbourne. The Memorial consists of two Mk 4 25 pounder gun-howitzers (one camouflaged in green, representing gunners who served in the jungles, the other in light khaki representing gunners who served in the deserts) and a Marble stone centre piece. Etched into the stone’s fascia is the dedication In Memory of Victorian Gunners and the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery’s Motto and Battle Honour Ubique. The Regimental badge is etched into the stone’s face, below which appears the wording Lest we Forget.

There is a collection of planted flowers on each flank of the Memorial and, positioned at the its rear, the Unit’s yard-armed flagpole flying the Australian National Flag, the Regimental Flag and the Flag of the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. The Memorial, which has a base of crushed volcanic stones, was dedicated in 2003.

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