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Location Memorial Lane, Mary Street, Gympie, Queensland, Australia
Type memorial

The Memorial Lane Murals are a series of eight murals which gives Gympie a lasting pictorial memorial dedicated to not only the Australian effort, but more so the local community`s contribution to this nation`s involvement in conflicts starting back in 1860 up until the present time.

The theme of the final mural is the cost of war, and the artwork bears the names of more than 300 people from the area who were killed in conflict. The final mural was unveiled on the 26th January 2009.

The ninth mural titled Spirit of the Anzacs 1915-2015 was unveiled on the 24th April 2015. The new mural differs from the other eight murals by being three dimensional.

Built Jamie Maclean (Artist) Stephanie Outridge (Ceramics)
Opened 26 January 2009




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SMITH, Kenneth Dudley

Service number A33843
No. 77 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 28 Aug 1927

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COLEBROOK, Maxwell Edwin

Service number 442156
Pilot Officer
Born 8 May 1926

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LAWRENSON, Frederick James

Service number O22005
Squadron Leader
No. 77 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 18 Mar 1921

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BROWNE-GAYLORD, Mark Astil Baren Henry Aytack

Service number O23665
Flight Lieutenant
No. 77 Squadron (RAAF)
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 24 Oct 1921

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SCURRY, Arthur John

Service number 52103
Born 19 Nov 1932

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NICHOLSON, John William

Service number 2400798
Born 26 Mar 1932

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GILLAN, Bruce Thomson

Service number O33625
Pilot Officer
Born 18 Nov 1929

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ELLIS, Donald Campbell

Service number O21261
Flight Sergeant
Born 13 Apr 1927

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