Queensland Garden of Remembrance (Pinnaroo), Qld


Location Pinnaroo Cemetery and Crematorium, 285 Graham Road, Bridgeman Downs, Queensland, Australia
Type memorial

The Queensland Garden of Remembrance is situated within the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and is operated and maintained by the Office of Australian War Graves.

The original garden was opened in the early 1960s and was extended in 1988.

Set around a large fig tree, the memorial walls have the capacity for 45,500 plaques.

A feature of the garden is a large fig tree around which the plaque walls radiate. The entry building houses the plaque recording the opening of the extended garden in 1988. To the right are columns bearing the emblems of the three services. Beyond the columns lies a lily pond.

Upon entering the garden the fig tree is to the left. A watercourse flows through the garden and leads to a cascading waterfall. The path follows the contour of the extended garden. Occasionally placed copper-clad pergolas provide shaded seating areas surrounded by water plants. The creeper which blooms with attractive yellow flowers, and which covers the pergola is the Lady Slipper vine (Thunbergia mysorensis).

The path continues into the original garden where, at the end, a large shelter is provided. This shelter also houses a large dedication plaque.

The office houses the register books which list the wall and row number of each individual plaque. Office is on site at Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery (located in the middle of the cemetery and separate from the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery office)

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VICKERS, Patrick John

Service number O1622
Lieutenant Commander
Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam
Royal Australian Navy
Born 28 Jun 1935

BEATTIE, David Nye

Service number 425584
Warrant Officer
Born 13 Sep 1919

SWAIN, Robert Claude

Service number 2735
52nd Infantry Battalion
Born 11 Nov 1889

EVANS, Francis Thomas

Service number C578
4th Pioneer Battalion
Born 15 Sep 1886

CULVERHOUSE, Leslie Gordon

Service number Q101743
15 Infantry Battalion AMF
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 10 Jun 1915


Service number 860
Squadron Leader
Elementary Flying Training School
Royal Australian Air Force
Born 31 Jan 1896

TURNBULL, James Douglas

Service number QX11326
2nd/26th Infantry Battalion
Australian Military Forces (Army WW2)
Born 19 Mar 1913

HUELIN, Antony Jeffrey

Service number O2771
Sub Lieutenant
Born 26 Feb 1943

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