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Location Kangaroo Valley, Shoalhaven Shire - New South Wales, Australia
Type memorial

Kangaroo Valley War Memorial commemorates those whodied in service or were killed in action during World Wars One and Two. The memorial was originally erected to commemorate those lost their lives in World War One and memorial stones listing the names of those who had returned were placed on either side of the memorial. The names of those who fell in World War Two were added to the memorial at a later date.

It can be said to the credit of Kangaroo Valley that no part of this district or the State responded more loyally to the call of King and Country; its contribution in men was worthy of the settlement, and its contribution of money to patriotic efforts and the work and devotion of its women in war service lacked nothing, and were highly creditable to all concerned. But its crowning effort in local patriotism was the last and best — the erection of a soldiers' memorial. It was no mean task to set about raising in round figures, £500 by direct giving in a comparatively small community for the erection of a monument to the memory of its fallen soldiers and an honor roll of the brave men who were fortunate enough to return; but that task was successfully accomplished through the energy of a live committee with a pushing and earnest secretary at its head. The unveiling of the monument took place about 3 p.m. on Saturday, the ceremony being performed by Sir George Fuller, one of the members for the Wollondilly electorate.

After the unveiling of the Honour Rolls by Sir George Fuller, Mr. and Mrs Morton then each unveiled a memorial stone to the east and west of the memorial on which were inscribed the names of the following; Eastern stone: – G. Bain, G. Barrett, A. Barrett, J. Bowcock, C. E. Cox, W. J. Cox, W. Cramond, D. Crutchily, M. Fleming, G. Garratty, A. Garratty, G. Goodman, S. Guihen, T. Harwood, H. Henry, F. Land, T. L 'Estrange. Western stone: – P. Lidbetter, W. Lidbetter, G. McAndrew, O. McClelland, F. W. Madge, W. Mathers, W. Merchant, A. E. Parrish, G. Randall, R. Rowe, J. Sharman, P. Sharman, S Sharman, J.Scott, J.Waddington, W.Walker, F.Williams, R.Williams.
The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW), 8 September 1920.

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WRIGHT, Frederick William Norman

Service number 3463
2nd Infantry Battalion
Born 1886