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Location City Park, Brisbane Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Type memorial

A multi-sided sandstone obelisk with a marble statue of a female figure holding a shield and a wreath. In niches on each of the four corners of the centre section, covered by cupolas, are four statues of slouch-hatted soldiers. Two hold rifles, one holds a bugle and one holds a sword.

"The unveiling of the memorial erected in the City Park to the memory of the Tasmanians who fell in the South African war will take place at 4 o'clock this afternoon, in the presence of the Mayor (Alderman J. W. Pepper), the aldermen, Major-General Sir Edward Hutton, leading citizens, and the northern troop. Colonel Cameron, C.B., who laid the foundation stone of the memorial, will also perform the unveiling ceremony."
Examiner (Launceston), 20th February 1904.

Built Not yet discovered
Opened 20 February 1904 by Lieut. Col. Cameron who commanded the first Tasmanian Troops in South Africa

Lest We Forget

This memorial was erected by the public of Northern Tasmania in affectionate remembrance of those Tasmanians who gave their lives for Throne and Empire in the South African War 1899 - 1902

Killed in action
[ Names ]

Died of disease
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Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.

This memorial was unveiled on the 20th day of Feby 1904 by Lieut-Col.Cameron, who commanded the first Tasmanian troops in South Africa

This stone was laid by F. K. Fairbrother Esq, Mayor of Launceston 10th November 1902.




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BUTLER, Joseph

Service number 104
1st Tasmanian Mounted Infantry Contingent
Australian and Colonial Military Forces (Boer War / Boxer Rebellion)
Born 11 Jun 1875

Thumb normal sale  arthur arnold   1
SALE, Arthur Arnold

Service number OFFICER
Second Lieutenant
1st Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen
Australian and Colonial Military Forces (Boer War / Boxer Rebellion)

Thumb pitt  roland philip 119
PITT, Roland Philip

Service number 119

Thumb gilham  atherly 50
GILHAM, Atherly

Service number 50

Thumb orr  john 213
ORR, John

Service number 213
Born 1880

Thumb hutley  leonard percy 172
HUTTLEY, Leonard Percy

Service number 172
Born 12 Aug 1879

Thumb fitzallen  albert edward 1212
FITZALLEN, Albert Edward

Service number 1212
Born 11 Aug 1882

Thumb galvin  thomas joseph 96
GALVIN, Thomas Joseph

Service number 96
1st Tasmanian Mounted Infantry Contingent
Australian and Colonial Military Forces (Boer War / Boxer Rebellion)
Born 30 Jun 1870

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