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Location Ringarooma Road, Legerwood, Dorset - Tasmania, Australia
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In 1918, 9 trees were planted in Legerwood's main street to honour the 7 soldiers killed in World War 1 and a tree each for Gallipoli and the Anzacs. When these trees were declared dangerous in 2001, the town's folk were distraught to think that the Memorial Avenue would be destroyed.

The Ledgerwood Hall and Reserves Committee decided to hire Eddie Freeman to chainsaw carve each stump into a likeness of the men for whom each tree was planted. A frenzy of fundraising, grants and generous donations helped reach the target $27,000.

By Anzac Day 2006 the carvings were complete and a ceremony was held to unveil the plaques involving local servicemen and women. Now people from all over the world visit our statues and remember the soldier's who fought and died for our freedom.

The carvings tell a story - A son born into a family, raised up on his father's shoulders, leaves for war with his suitcases, his mother and father embrace through the tears, the son experiences war with the heavy pack, the site over the trenches, wounded, the nurse waiting to help, the mother looking out and waiting, wishing, and praying her son well and to come home to her soon, while the father carries on the work at home.

In 2003 we began to try and gain access to the abandoned railway site which was an eyesore in our main street. We planned to clear it and clean it up to create a park in which families who had lost a child or young relative could plant a tree in their memory.

It took 3 years of battling red tape to be granted permission to begin our clean up. All machinery hire and work has been donated ad we are very proud of the way our community has pulled together to make our projects successful. On July 22nd 2007, 25 families came forward to participate in a planting ceremony to honour their loved ones. Since then more planting day's have resulted in the trees and camellias you see today, families have also donated seats and table in remembrance.

The community continues to maintain and fund-raise to improve this area and we sincerely thank everyone for their support.

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EDWARDS, Thomas Edward

Service number 3038
40th Infantry Battalion
Born 1884

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JENKINS, Robert James

Service number 3571
12th Infantry Battalion
Born Jan 1890

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HYDE, William Henry

Service number 3566
52nd Infantry Battalion

Thumb normal mcdougall  john henry gregg 3075
MCDOUGALL, John Henry Gregg

Service number 3075
40th Infantry Battalion

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PEDDLE, George

Service number 2628
40th Infantry Battalion
Born 4 Apr 1892

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