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Location Church Street Mall, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Type memorial_gates

Sandstone Arch with gates

The memorial was dedicated by Rev S.M. Johnstone, Rector of the Parish and unveiled by Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson, Governor General of Australia.

Of minor interest is the "American" spelling of "HONOR" on the dedication tablets rather than the more common anglicized "HONOUR" as commonly used in Australian spelling.

The backdrop is St John's Anglican Church, now a cathedral.

The Latin prominently atop the arch has been sent to several Latin-English translation websites. It appears that "PRO TANTO" translates as "FOR AS MUCH". "RETRIBVEMVS" translates as "RECOMPENSE" or "REWARD". But the intervening "QVID" seems to escape a meaning! The efforts of a visitor who can clear up the English translation of "PRO TANTO QVID RETRIBVEMVS" would be appreciated!

The latin inscription is surmounted by a style of the British Royal Coat of Arms including the Lion and the Unicorn.

Built Not yet discovered
Opened by Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson, Governor General of Australia.



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