Kew Methodist Ladies College Chapel Memorial Window


Location 207 Barkers Road, Kew, Boroondara - Victoria, Australia
Type stained_glass_window

Examples of commemorative war windows in girls' schools are rare. This window to MLC women who served in both World Wars was one of a cycle of windows made for the new MLC Chapel in 1959-66 by the London and Canterbury firm, G. Maile & Son. Maile sent many windows to countries throughoutthe world but the only known examples in Australiahave been identifiedin Malvern Methodist in (SA) and Holy Trinity Anglican at Orange (NSW). The MLC Chapel window cycle was devised as a testament to womens' achievements and aspirations set alongside the Christian message. Ruth and Naomi was an inpired choice of subject for the war commemorative window as its story of the two Biblical women also alluded to the women who stayed at home, waited and grieved as well as those who participated directly in the various theatres of war.

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Entreat me not to leave thee

To commemorate Old Collegians who served in World Wars



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