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Location 1 Morrison Street, Hawthorn, Boroondara - Victoria, Australia
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William Montgomery was asked by the College's architect, HH Kemp, to design a cycle of windows for the new Scotch College Memorial Hall as a tribute to the Old Boys who died during the Great War. He duly prepared a cycle of windows that he believed would symbolise the best attributes of the fighting men and provide examples for the next generation of students. Montgomery died before the planned windows were drawn up in detail and the commission passedto the new firm of Mathieson & Gibson. David Gibson had been Montgomery's senior glass painter from 1911 to 1927. His partner William Mathieson, was an Old Boy of the College, and it is thought that he was the designer of the windows. The commission comprised three highly ornamental windows, each of two lights, with a Biblical or legendary figure in each of the lights: St. Andrew and St. Martin, King Arthur and Sir Galahad, St. Michael and St. George represented the Australian forces and their Christian heritage. Under each of the figures was a heraldic design depicting coats of arms of Scotch College, Scotland, Australia and the Royal family, with the Australian states in each of the upper lights. The windows were unveiled on Armistice Day 1930 by Lady Somers, wife of His Excellency, the Acting Governor-General, Lord Somers. The major portion of the full cost (£750) was raised by the Scotch College Dramatic Society under the direction of Mr. VR Hill.

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