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Location University of Melbourne, Grattan Street, Carlton, Melbourne - Victoria, Australia
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When this three-light memorial window was unveiled in September 1920, it was one of the first locally-made stained glass windows to feature a First World War soldier. Traditionally, the qualities of valour, strength and sacrifice were represented in the form of a saint, medieval knight, Roman centurion or even a legendary figure such as Sir Galahad. In this instance, the robust soldier was depicted carrying his rifle at the ready and was framed by the Australian flag. Above his head was the 'rising sun' badge of the Australian Military Forces. The names of the College servicemen and women, especially those who paid the 'supreme sacrifice', were listed in the outer lights. Various symbols to represent courage and victory over death and the Teachers' College crest featured in the upper sections of the lights.

William Wheildon (1873-1941), resident artist and head of Brooks, Robinson & Co.'s stained glass department, supervised the design of the window and George Dancey (1865-1922)drew up the cartoon of the Australian digger, probably from Wheildon's original sketch. Small portraits of the Collegians who died on service were painted on tiles by Vincent Brun, a freelance artist with Brooks, Robinson & Co., and affixed to two Honour Roll 'opus sectile' tablets placed at either side of the window. Some years ago, the Honour Roll was removed and relocated to the ground floor of the 1888 Building.

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In honour of those of this College who answered the call of country in the Great War 1914 1918



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