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Location 15 Gisborne St., East Melbourne, Melbourne - Victoria, Australia
Type stained_glass_window

Leadlight window to commemorate those who fell in the war from the Parish. It was to 'depict servants of God from different centuries, selected because of the different ways in which they served, treated in panels, and that each should not only show some saint or hero, but show him in action of a characteristic kind.

Known as New Guinea Martyrs' Window

Believed to be the first window that Waller completed post-Second World War,the window gave recognition to those missionaries who, in full knowledge of the danger, stayed with their New Guinean people rather than take the option to return to Australia and safety. Their connections to Sayara, Gona, Isivita, Dogura, Mamba and Buna Beach are noted in small but telling scenes in the window, each of which is identified with its place name. The incumbent at St. Peter's, the Reverend Farnham E. Maynard, had attended the consecration of the Dogura Cathedral in 1939 and gave an impassioned sermon in St. Peter's after it became known that three of the missionaries had been killed. By the time he commissioned the window on behalf of the church, the number killed had risen to ten, all of whom were represented in the window. Later, others were added to the list of fallen. The New Guinea Martyrs who lost their lives around August 1942 included James Benson, priest; Sister May Hayman, nurse, Mavis Parkinson, teacher; Vivian Redlich; Henry Matthews (died at sea); John Duffield; Margaret Brenchley and Lila Lashmar. Many more missionaries, more than 300 from all denominations, were killed in the fight for victory against the Japanese. It later emerged that Redlich was killed by natives, not the Japanese.

Built M Napier Waller
Opened Not yet discovered



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