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Location Freedom Park, Main Street, Pialba, Fraser Coast - Queensland, Australia
Type memorial

Black Granite walls with bronze statue of Light Horseman charging

Built Monument Designer: Mark Snell Monument Manufacturer: Perides Art Foundry
Opened 11 October 2014

To Those Who Served

World War I
World War II
East Timor
Peacekeeping Operations


Left Side Inscription
ANZAC Centenary 1915 - 2015

Lest We Forget

Plaque :

Remembering The Australian War Horse

The men who went to fight in World War I, and who died so far away,
are honoured and remembered each ANZAC Day.

However, let us not forget the help they had through those horrid times.

Australia's finest `Walers` they were called.
Strong, sturdy and faithful war horses.
Thousands of them were sent.
They went without water or food, sometimes for many days,
to carry our men into battle.

They transported the wounded to field hospitals,
hauled supply wagons, water and field guns over hills, muddy fields
and across desert plains.

Many tales can be told of the faithful deeds and without them many
ANZAC feats, now legends, would not exist.

Litres of tears fell when the war was over and the riders and handlers
of these fine animals were told that because of quarantine laws,
these wonderful horses, who had been through so much,
were not going to be allowed back into Australia.

Hundreds were given to the British Indian Army to continue life
as a military horse.

Others, whose riders and handlers could not bear the thought of the
horses becoming farm animals and
with thick thoughts and teary eyes,
were laid to rest.

Let us never forget these Walers, whose monument stands above,
nor the men they served with.

Right Side Inscription
This Memorial
was erected by the
Hervey Bay RSL
Fraser Coast Regional Council,
Hervey Bay Businesses
and the
Hervey Bay Community
to commemorate the
ANZAC Centenary
and in dedication
to those who served
their country



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