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Location Dayman Park, Flinders Outlook, Dayman Street, Urangan, Fraser Coast - Queensland, Australia
Type memorial

Black Granite obelisk

Built Not yet discovered
Opened Not yet discovered

In honour of Operations Jaywick and Rimau

1943 and 1944

Back Inscription
Operation Jaywick - 1943

The British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the Royal Australian Navy formed a top secret special operations unit in 1943 to gather intelligence and carry out sabotage behind enemy lines. One such operation was Operation Jaywick involving a group of Australian and British special service operatives faced the enormous task of sneaking into the Japanese stronghold of Singapore Harbour to sabotage as many enemy ships as possible.

On 8 August, 1943 they set sail in Krait, a small Japanese owned fishing bott that had been seized and used as a refugee transport boat at the fall of Singapore. The journey would take them for Cairns in Queensland to Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia, a 4,000km trip. Once there, collapsible canoes were loaded aboard and, on 2 September, their mammoth journey continued on to Singapore. The crew of 14 comprised four soldiers and ten soldiers, two Englishmen, a Welshman, an Ulsterman and ten Australians.

On the night of September 26 the operatives struck, sneaking into Singapore Harbour in collapsible canoes and attaching limpet mines to the Japanese ships. Almost, 40,000 tons of Japanese shipping was destroyed or damaged, a huge success and vital psychological boost for the raiders as well as the Allied prisoners of war in Changi. All 14 raiders returned safely, six of them would later take part in Operation Rimau during the following year.

Operation Rimau - 1944

Inspired by the success of Operation Jaywick, Special Operations Australia (SOA) prepared for Operation Rimau. The objective was the same, Singapore Harbour, but there the similarity ended. The operatives would be delivered to the area by the British submarine HMS Porpoise, the plan was to seize a small fishing boat, rather than sailing in one from Australia and this time they would deliver their mines by the way of submersible canoes (called `Sleeping Beauties` or SB). On 28 September, a small Indonesia junk, Mustika was seized and prepared for the raid on Singapore. The operatives were to carry out their raid and return to rendezvous with Porpoise on the night on 7/8 November at their base on Merapas Island. There were for more men involved in this mission, 23 as opposed to Jaywick`s 14.

Right Side Inscription
Special operatives of Operation Jaywick - 1943

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Thumb normal cpl. stewart  clair mack
STEWART, Clair Mack

Service number WX15839
"Z" Special Unit
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 17 Feb 1910

Thumb 1aa
PAGE, Robert Charles

Service number NX19158
"Z" Special Unit
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 21 Jul 1920

Thumb capture
HARDY, John Thomas

Service number NX140476
Lance Corporal
"Z" Special Unit
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 26 Jul 1921

Thumb image
WARREN, Alfred

Service number V10640
Warrant Officer Class 2
"Z" Special Unit
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 25 Jan 1913

Thumb normal 1aa

Service number V305221
Warrant Officer Class 2
"Z" Special Unit
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 8 May 1922

Thumb capture
FLETCHER, Roland Bernard

Service number NX80005
"Z" Special Unit
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 28 May 1916

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