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Location Corner of King William Road and Pennington Terrace (St Peters Cathedral), North Adelaide, Adelaide - South Australia, Australia
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St Peter's Cathedral on South side.  Laid up Military Colours are in an alcove to the left of the altar.

Built Not yet discovered
Opened Not yet discovered

Military Colours:

3rd Light Horse-laid up May 14th 1961

9th Light Horse-laid up May 14th 1961

18th Light Horse-

23rd Light Horse-

Light Horse Regiment King's Colours 1 and 2.

Adelaide Rifles Colours 1,2, and 3-laid up June 12th 1932

10th Battalion King's Banner- laid up June 12 1932

48th Battalion Colours 1 and 2- laid up November 8 1964

50th Battalion Colour- laid up October 3rd 1937, removed 1973, reinstalled November 7th 1993

2/3rd Machine Gun Battalion Colour-laid up March 31st 1941

Royal Australian Air Force Ensign-date unknown

Old Contemptibles Association- November 9th 1980



MAINTAINED BY: Anglican Church


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