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Location Kintore Avenue, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Type memorial

A simple concrete plinth with a brass plaque atop facing upward

Built Guru Nanuk Society of Australia
Opened 25 April 2011 by The Hon Mike Rann, Premier of South Australia

Guru Nanak Society of Australia

Truth is the highest virtue but highest still is truthful living.

Plaque for the Sikh Soldiers in the Pathway of Honour.

In memory of all Sikh soldiers who gave their lives or were wounded in world wars 1 & 2 and all other wars for the British Raj from 1849 - 1947 including the epic battle of Sararhi on 12the September 1897. The saga of their valour, undaunted spirit and sacrifices is written in golden letters in the annals of military history of the world.

Honest Labour Meditate on the Creator Share your Earnings Accept the will of God



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