Parkside Epworth Uniting Church Great War Memorial Stained Glass Window


Location Corner Young Street and Castle Street, Parkside, Unley - South Australia, Australia
Type stained_glass_window

Epworth Uniting Church.

A stained glass window in the east wall depicting the effigy of St. George holding a sword and shield, the sword is unsheathed and held ready for battle. Below the effigy is a glass plaque within a wreath, at the base is another glass plaque

Built Not yet discovered
Opened Not yet discovered

Plaque upper:

GreaterLovehath no manthan this, thata man lay downhis life forhis friends

Plaque lower:

Sacred to the memory of the menof this church who fellin the GREAT WAR 1914-18


MAINTAINED BY: Under development

PECULIARITIES/DAMAGE: The building has been sold to private enterprise for development

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