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Location Richmond Valley Council, Graham Place, Casino, Richmond Valley - New South Wales, Australia
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The lamp is believed to be the original acetylene gas lamp from the South African (Boer) War Memorial.

Built Not yet discovered
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Mafeking Lamp

The township of Casino was not excluded from the patriotism shown during the Boer War in South Africa. A number of men from the District enlisted in the NSW Lancers and local property owners presented the government of the day with valuable horses for service in the Transvaal.

Sir Baden-Powell and a small force of some 600 soldiers and volunteers defened the town of Mafeking for a period of 8 months.

The relief of Mafeking filled the towns people with national pride and in 1901 the Mafeking Lamp was erected.

A public meeting decided to incorporate other major battles along with local casualties at time of war. Space was left for those who would lose their lives before the end of the war.

Over time the monument has had many changes in appearance and significance, has run on acetylene gas and electricity, has been knocked down by a car and rebuilt to original specifications.

The monument has now become a central part of out ANZAC Day service and march.