Kurri Kurri ANZAC Cove Mural


Location 209 Lang Street, Kurri Kurri, Cessnock - New South Wales, Australia
Type other

The mural shows some of the Navy off shore to provide long-range fire support, as well showing the landing vessels with more soldiers coming ashore. Death and destruction, and injuries are represented in a realism depicting credible actions and bravery.

There is an aluminium plaque on the southwestern end of the mural, and it reads:
[Towns with Heart, logo]
"ANZAC Mural
"Artist - Chris Fussell
"Completed March 2008
"Sponsored by Dept of Veteran Affairs, Kurri Kurri R.S.L. Sub Branch & Kurri Workers Club
"This mural illustrates the invasion at ANZAC Cove in the Gallipoli campaign. The troops shown are from the First Infantry Battalion - Kurri Kurri had lads in that regiment. This is one of many battles where the combined forces became the Anzacs and the legend of Anzacs was first established. The white arm bands and patches were the same as those worn at Lone Pine to identify each other at night. The plane was used to observe enemy movements. The HMAS Sydney in the foreground escorted troops from Australia. In the front of that is the Australian submarine, AE2, which ran a successful campaign but was later sunk in the Dardanelles. The wounded were treated under tarpaulins then transported to a hospital ship, as shown in the rear of the mural.

Built Chris Fussell
Opened Not yet discovered



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