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Location Rhodes Park, Killoola Street, Concord, Canada Bay - New South Wales, Australia
Type memorial

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway is a an 800 metre rainforest walk which links Concord Hospital with Rhodes Station.
Entry via the Memorial Rose Garden

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway covers more than 800 metres from Rhodes Station to Concord Hospital in Sydney's inner-west, and runs along the mangrove-studded shores of Brays Bay on the Parramatta River. The centrepieces are magnificent granite walls bearing photographic images of the campaign. There are 22 stations or plaques along the walkway, each describing a significant place or engagement. The walkway has been planted with lush tropical vegetation simulating the conditions of the Kokoda Track.

Objectives of the Memorial Walkway:

To provide a lasting memorial to all veterans who served in the Second World War, with a particular focus on the South West Pacific area.
To provide an educational experience on this magnificent part of our Australian heritage for current and future generations.
To improve access to the hospital for patients, visitors and staff who travel by rail to Rhodes station.
To provide facilities for healthy lifestyle programs and act as a tourist attraction for visitors to the region.
Designed by D.M. Taylor Landscape Architects Pty Ltd, the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway features:

Memorial Centrepiece - A striking series of granite walls on which images from the New Guinea Campaign have been sandblasted. Water also forms an integral part of the centrepiece, with it cascading alongside the granite walls.
Rainforest Area - Includes a watercourse leading into a pond overlooking the Parramatta River.
Rose Garden Entry Area - A peaceful and beautiful entrance, featuring two semi-circular memorial walls among beds of roses. On the walls are plaques dedicated to the memory of individuals who served in the war. The Rose Garden is linked to the Walkway by the Bruce Kingsbury V.C. Path.
Stations - Places of significance in the New Guinea campaign where important battles were fought or events occurred. There are 22 stations along the Walkway, each providing historical accounts and images of the New Guinea campaign.
Information Centre - A state of the art building where visitors may enjoy a cup of coffee and purchase merchandise.
Mangrove Boardwalk - A timber boardwalk into the mangroves provides a feel for the vegetation in New Guinea.
This excerpt has been taken from the Kokoda Memorial Walkway website.

Built DM Taylor Landscape Architect Pty Ltd
Opened 3 October 1996 by Hon. Bruce Scott, MP



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