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Location Sutton Public School, 18 Victoria Street, Sutton, Yass Valley - New South Wales, Australia
Type honour_roll

This memorial is a set of gates outside Sutton Public School, located in Sutton, NSW. There are two cast concrete gate pillars, which have been painted a beige colour. Between the pillars are a pair of cast iron gates, which have been painted a heritage green colour. Both gates feature a simple decorative scroll pattern in their centre panels. On the front face of the left pillar is an inscribed honour roll plaque for the Second World War. A matching plaque for the First World War is positioned opposite, on the front face of the right pillar.

Above the gates is a metal arch bearing the words 'Sutton 1871', which is when the school was established. Two additional plaques attached to the front of the gates commemorate the school's centenary in 1971 and its 125th anniversary in 1996. On the back of the gates, two smaller plaques acknowledge the two oldest pupils who attended the centenary celebrations.

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18 SUTTON 71

Left pillar honour roll plaque
In honour of
those who served
World War II

Right pillar honour roll plaque
In honour of
those who served
World War I
* Killed

Left pillar centenary plaque

This plaque commemorates one hundred years
of public education at Sutton Public School.

The Hon. C.B. Cutler, E.D.,M.L.A.
Premier and Minister for Education and Science

D.J.A. Verco, M.A., Dip. Ed.
Director-General of Education

C.K. Baylis
Teacher in Charge

R.A. Brewer, M.L.A.
Member for Goulburn

Right pillar 125th anniversary plaque

This plaque commemorates
125 years of public education
at Sutton Public School.

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BINGLEY, Charles Stanley

Service number 1626
55th Infantry Battalion
Born 28 Feb 1892

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