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Location Edith Cavell Reserve, Barkly & View Point Streets, Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Type memorial

The area underwent restoration work and is known as Edith Cavell Reserve. A plaque was added to the memorial in 2003 commemorating all nurses who served their country in all wars as well as a plaque dedicated to the women of Australia who stayed at home.

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To the memory of
Nurse Edith Cavell
who gave her life in the Great War

In Memory Of
All Nurses Who Served Their Country
In All Wars
"In The Midst Of Darkness They Saw Light"

Left Side Inscription
Edith Cavell Precinct Restoration Committee

Gwen Rhook President
Gwenda Allgood Vice President
Sue Halvorsen Secretary
Margaret Dunmore Treasurer
Jan Hiller Landscape Designer

Kaye Theobald Isabel Costello
Elaine Fenn Bill Jones
Terry Weeks Michael Scherger

Right Side Inscription
In Honour Of
All Women Of Australia
For Their Dedication
To Their Country
During All World Wars

"They Also Serve Who Stay At Home"



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