Watervale Soldiers' Memorial Recreation Park


Location Main North Road, Watervale, South Australia, Australia
Type memorial_planting

Memorial Park with gates and small memorial

Built Not yet discovered
Opened Not yet discovered

Watervale Soldiers` Memorial Recreation Park

1919 : Watervale was without a sporting and recreation area so Reuben Solly sold a section of his cow paddock to Council, donating the proceeds to the 'Watervale Soldiers` Memorial Recreation Park Committee` to develop a park. This Committee went on to coordinate and manage the development of Watervale in a sustainable way until the late 1990`s.

Due to road realignments, the 1921 Soldiers` Memorial was moved from its original position outisde the Watervale Institute to the Oval. Following further road works it was later returned to the Institute.

In 2014 Mount Horrocks Historical Society resurrected and restored the Memorial Arch & Gates with the assistance of Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council and the community.

This project is supported by grants from the ANZAC Day Commemoration Council and Department of Veterans Affairs

Lest We Forget



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