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"Robertstown owes its origins and history to its location - the only town between the Murray and the Barrier Highway, and strategically situated on the road joining Eudunda and Burra. The district of Robertstown stretches from World's End in the north to Emmaus in the south. Initially the majority of the land was leased to stations that still exist such as Anlaby and Koonoona.

From 1850 onwards the area was surveyed into smaller blocks and settlers moved in. Gradually the population increased to approximately 2,100 in 1936 but more recent times have seen the population remain steady at around 700.

The first settlers in the area were probably overlanders of stock from New South Wales . There are records of a route through Australia Plains, so named for the 'Australia Hut', a pine and daub hut used by drovers and shepherds.

As the years passed, farms became more established and ceased to merely support subsistence farming. Wheat became more and more important. Over the years sheep numbers gradually increased and wool and fat lambs became significant to the economy. As early as 1842, Anlaby Station was listed as the biggest sheep holder in South Australia.

Robertstown grew out of a need for a supply depot and supply of water, as did other towns including Point Pass, Australia Plains, Bower, Black Springs and Emu Downs. The first shop was a wine shanty operated by a Mr. O'Dea. As the settlement grew John Roberts, a Koonunga storekeeper, catered for the inhabitants with his travelling shop. He then settled in the small community and opened a shop and post office. Mail was franked "Roberts Town". His son built a new store - which was subsequently taken over by one of the longer serving employees - and renamed for its new owner "Lehmann's Store" - which still operates today.

The district recently celebrated 125 years and itis very proud of its heritage. A visit to the area will allow you to meet the wonderful people that give the area its character."

From Emmaus to World's End, Regional Council of Goyder (



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ARMSTRONG, William Joseph

Service number 6086
Medium Trench Mortar Batteries
Born 1892

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MOSEY, Pervical Gordon

Service number 1580
9th Light Horse Regiment
Born Mar 1896

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SACHSE, Carl Ernst Lawrence

Service number S31246
2nd Australian Motor Transport Workshops (2nd AIF)
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 25 Nov 1912

Thumb dawes eee
DAWES, Eric Cecil

Service number 3148A
Lance Corporal
50th Infantry Battalion
Born 27 Jun 1890

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ROHDE, Herbert William

Service number 2137
38th Infantry Battalion
Born 24 Aug 1885

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BUTTROSE, Kenneth Murray

Service number S85568
10th (Lower/Mid North S.A.) Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps
Volunteer Defence Corps (WW2)
Born 7 Jun 1889

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BUTTROSE, William Keith

Service number 437777
Flying Officer
Born 5 Feb 1921

Thumb merle2

Service number SX10023
2nd/2nd Australian General Hospital
2nd AIF WW 2
Born 29 Aug 1913


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Commercial Street
Robertstown, Goyder - South Australia, Australia

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Commercial Street
Robertstown, Goyder - South Australia, Australia

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Commercial Street
Robertstown, Goyder - South Australia, Australia

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Commercial Street
Robertstown, Goyder - South Australia, Australia

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