RSL Virtual War Memorial

The RSL Virtual War Memorial is an outstanding commemorative collection, purpose built by RSL-SA to honour the personal experiences of all those who have served the nation in times of conflict. It pays special honour to those who lost their lives as a result of their service and equally honours those who returned, forever changed, many of whom have been pivotal to the RSL story over the last 100 years.

Positioning Statement

"The only memorial which could be worthy of them was the bare uncoloured story of their part in the war."        CEW Bean


To be the outstanding national commemorative website, acknowledged for its integrity and relevance; its respectful presentation of socio-military history and its capacity to engage and educate individuals and communities.


To provide a worthy home for the stories of all individuals who have served and the impact of this service on the individuals themselves, their families and communities.


To commemorate all Australians who have served the nation in times of conflict commencing at the Boer War and Boxer Rebellion, the Great War, World War 2,  Korea, Vietnam, all.

Patron in Chief

His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO  Governor of South Australia


The Honourable Sir Eric Neal AC CVO

The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson AO 

Associate Professor Susan J Neuhaus CSC


Graham Cornes  OAM

Professor Robert J O'Neill  AO  FASSA  FAIIA (Military History Ambassador)

Ben Roberts-Smith  VC  MG

Michael von Berg  MC OAM

Virtual War Memorial Ltd Board

Peter L Williams              (Chairman, RSL-SA Board appointment)

Steve Larkins                  (Deputy Chairman RSL - SA Board appointment)

John Baker                      (RSL-SA Board appointment)

Tim Hanna                      (RSL-SA Board)

Rick Harley                     (RSL -SA Board)

Corey McGowan              (RSL -SA Board)

Sharyn Roberts               (Chief Executive Officer, RSL Virtual War Memorial)

RSL Virtual War Memorial Team

Chief Executive Officer                Sharyn Roberts

Schools Program Manager           Elsa Reuter

Volunteers & Interns

Principal Researcher, Historian, Author           Robert S Kearney OAM

Research Intern                                           Nicholas Egan