Premier's ANZAC Spirit School Prize


The Premier's ANZAC Spirit School Prize was first established in 2007. The prize aims to encourage young South Australians to recognise, connect with and maintain the ANZAC spirit.  

Participants in the competition research and write the biography of a serviceperson who served Australia in World War One or Two and explain how they conducted their research.

The competition provides the opportunity for young South Australians to identify, examine, and articulate the nature of commitment and, in many cases, the sacrifices of Australian service men and women in the service of their country during times of conflict. 

Students judged the winners of the competition are taken on an escorted tour of a place associated with Australians at war. Past tours have included:

·         The Western Front (France, Belgium)

·         Korea and Singapore

·         Gallipoli

·         Vietnam (See some of those student reflections here)

·         Darwin

The Virtual War Memorial Australia is a valuable resource for students entering the competition. In 2022, 15 of the 20 winning entries included the VWMA in their bibliographies. 

Many schools participate in the Schools Program for Years 9 and 10 choosing the best student work to submit for the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit Prize. If you would like to register your school, email us at


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