Adelaide Event - 2021 "Don't Forget Me Cobber" Lunch

The 2021 "Don't Forget Me Cobber" Fundraising Lunch

Please note change of date due to the impact of COVID restrictions

The lunch will be held on 26 November 2021

Tickets can be purchased via the FOLLOWING link

Funds raised on the day will directly support the on-going development and operations of this important Memorial.

Today's Honour Roll

Today's Honour Roll recognizes 360 Australians who fell on this day in history.
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Name Date of Death Conflict
COULTAS, George Herbert 25 Sep 1916 World War 1
BURNET, Donald John 25 Sep 1917 World War 1
BROOKS, Robert Joseph 25 Sep 1917 World War 1
DUNN, Andrew Aubrey 25 Sep 1943 World War 2
MONTGOMERY, Alexander Leslie 25 Sep 1917 World War 1

Aniversary of the First Arrival of Australian INTERFET Peacekeepers in East Timor

Anniversary of the First Arrival of Australian INTERFET Peacekeepers in East Timor

Australian soldiers outside the National Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT) Headquarters. Left to right: Lieutenant Paul A Scanlan, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR); Sergeant (Sgt) Hoye; and Sgt Dunbavin. Members of the ADF are serving with the International Force East Timor (INTERFET), a peacekeeping force led by Australia.

Before East Timor’s referendum for independence from Indonesia in August 1999, and after the return of the overwhelming “yes” vote, pro-Indonesian militias unleashed a campaign of violence, murder, arson, looting, and intimidation upon the Timorese people. With the support of the international community, the first Australians from Interfet arrived in Dili on 20 September. The peacekeepers quickly secured Dili before moving out to other areas, disarming militia and at times having tense stand-offs with the Indonesian military. Interfet liaised with Falintil, the military wing of Timorese independence party, and provided medical assistance to the East Timorese. By October the Oecussi enclave on the north coast of West Timor had been secured. With calm restored, a large United Nations peacekeeping force took over from Interfet in February 2000.